“It has captured the interest and attention of some of the most isolated people I see for music therapy – those with limited communication, degenerative illness and traumatic brain injury. It supports and encourages individuals to be actively and independently involved in live music making. This makes Beamz an incredibly powerful way to showcase someone’s ability and potential – by-passing disability – providing a level playing field for incredible music making.”

-Rachel Crennell, Music Therapist

“As a neurologist and research scientist, I support that the possibilities within your technology are limitless for individuals of all ages. From children with developmental disabilities to those facing serious life-threatening illnesses, Beamz makes perfect sense. For children and adults in rehabilitation, Beamz has extraordinary potential to facilitate and accelerate ongoing progress. In the context of senior care, Beamz can help older people discover renewed confidence, meaning and value through the joy of recreational music making.”

-Barry Bittman, MD – President & CEO, Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute

I use Beamz with most of my patients in a therapy setting, and I can use it with all ages. My patients really feel as though they are doing something amazing when they use the Beamz. It’s a great self-esteem and confidence builder, I have used the Beamz for psychotherapy and for PT. In both settings, my patients loved the Beamz and experienced benefit from its use.


“Beamz has created a unique, interactive opportunity for our students.  Beamz has allowed our clients to be creative musically without limitations.  “

-Robin Melillo, PTA

“Lucas is nonverbal with CP. He has difficulty regulating his upper body motion but understands much more than he can show. He has a wonderful sense of humor. When first meeting him, he loves to tell everyone that he meets goodbye and then giggles….

I love watching Lucas use the Beamz. I truly believe that he has a music ear and the sense of how to move his arm to play the music on the Beamz, which motivates Lucas to move his arms in a much more controlled pattern than what he would typically do when participating in many other activities that I have offered Lucas. It appears to intrinsically motivate Lucas, providing Lucas with direct, positive feedback regarding the quality of his movement, challenges endurance, and independence. I believe Beamz allows Lucas to experience the sense of mastery that he truly craves to achieve but struggles to accomplish when participating in so many aspects of his daily life.

And, we are so so appreciative as a team for your assistance and generosity.“

-Rachel Shamah – Occupational Therapist, Scottsdale Unified School District

Therapists Testimonials