Parents Testimonials

“The Beamz has opened up a new world of music to my 11 year old daughter Becky, who has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy…The software is very clever…and the Beamz build creativity so that even a severely disabled child like Becky can experience great success in music making.”

-Fiona Tyler, parent

“Dan loves loves his new Beamz! Dan attends a private, Christian school in Arlington, Texas for children and adults with Down Syndrome. I think many of the students at his school would love this too. I’m spreading the word!”

-Jenny Ritcher, Dan’s Mother

“Clinton and I enjoy playing Beamz together! We really like being able to build on the background track by adding in different instruments we like. We love that we can make our own music, our own unique songs. Clinton is very animated when he plays Beamz, he really gets into it and he loves doing Karaoke–he makes up his own words instead of reading the word prompts. Big Thanks to Share Your Blessings for the gift of music!”

-Art Gode, Clinton’s Father

“Kevin has been inspired musically by the Beamz. He often sings and plays along to the music and it’s really added an element of great imagination and enjoyment for him. Thank you for the generous gift of the Beamz.”

-Andrea and Brad Wooldridge, Kevin’s Parents

“As a parent I love that I can give Aleah something to do that is therapeutic towards her development while engaging her passions.”

-Marzieh Cassidy, Aleah’s Mom

“My son has Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism, The Beamz calms my son anxiety, it’s easy to use, and it makes my son so happy. Thank you, the games to help with eye hand coordination are great, we love this product.”


“My son uses it and he has Down Syndrome, I love that my son can make music on his own because he loves music., I like that it’s easy to use for my son, We all get involved in when my son plays with his Beamz.”


“My daughter has autism and is 12 years old, All the cousins would come over and interact with my daughter with it. It was so neat to watch, Very easy to use, We received the beamz at the end of December. It took her about a month to get comfortable with it. I put a playlist on her iPad with kids using a beamz and by February she started requesting it almost daily, It definitely allowed my daughter to interact with cousins who have never really known how to do things on her level.”


“Michael has Down syndrome and cortical visual impairment, Michael likes that he can participate in making music and beats, Michael enjoys the music and the light beams. Since he does have a visual impairment this is easy for him to see, It is something we all like to play with, We are extremely thankful that Michael was a recipient of the Beamz.”